Posted: 20th February 2023

It's essential to prepare your property before our professional photographer’s visit

Our Agents Guide - How to prepare a property to achieve the best photographs?
It's essential to prepare your property before our professional photographer’s visit to ensure they are able to capture the best photographs.
Allow between one to two hours for the photography session and up to three hours if you’re also having a 3D scan produced. Lighting is key - turn on all the lights and lamps you can in your home, even on sunny days!
In the living room, plump up all the cushions, fold throws/blankets nicely, de-clutter and hide any unnecessary objects. For 3D virtual viewings, remove any valuable antiques, artefacts or sensitive paperwork. If you have an open fire, prepare it for lighting and sweep the fireplace.
The kitchen should be decluttered, with key areas such as kitchen worktops and anything stored on top of kitchen cupboards wiped clean. Remove children’s drawings, magnets from the fridge and pet items like the cat litter tray, dog bed and pets’ bowls. You could also use plants, fresh flowers or fresh fruit to add a pop of colour.
In the bedrooms, make the bed with your best linen and add decorative cushions and bed throws. Ensure the room is tidy and de-cluttered. Hideaway dressing gowns and slippers, and remove any electrical hair styling items like hair dryers or straighteners.
In the bathroom, make sure everything is clean and shiny. Remove shampoo and shower gel bottles unless they are luxury brands, such as Molton Brown or The White Company. Remove children’s bath toys, towels, bath mats, loo brush and bleach while the photos are being taken. Make sure all toilet seats are down and heated towel rails are included in the property rather than the towels.
For outdoor spaces, move any cars off the drive while the exterior photos are being taken, and move bins out of sight. If you have garden furniture, remove the covers and put any cushions out if they're clean and in good condition. Make sure your garden looks as neat as possible, mowing the lawn and taming any weeds before the photographer’s visit.
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