Posted: 5th August 2023

Introducing No Sale - No Fee Property Auctions by Our Agents!

Introducing No Sale - No Fee Property Auctions by Our Agents!

A common misconception about auctions is that they are solely for desperate individuals or properties in disrepair. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Auctions provide a versatile platform suitable for any property type, offering a swift, secure, and highly visible method of sale.

Why Choose an Auction for Your Property?

Your property, your price! Property auctions come with a predetermined reserve, ensuring you get what you deserve. There's no upper limit on the final price!

Speed - Completion timescale of only 28 days.

Auctions vs. Traditional Sales:

Partnering with our auctioneer, we set a confidential reserve – the minimum acceptable price. Bidding doesn't halt at the reserve.

Your property will be marketed extensively, just as it was when on the market for sale. It will be featured alongside the auction date, time, and starting bid. The opening bid is usually below the reserve for maximum exposure.

Viewings continue until the auction. Potential buyers must inspect and review legal documents before bidding – a bid is a commitment.

After the auction, if the reserve is met, we exchange on the day, handle the buyer's deposit and the purchase premium, and instruct the solicitor.

If you believe that an auction sale would be beneficial for you and your property, please contact us for further information!

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Need Conveyancing?

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How Much is Your Property Worth?

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