Posted: 11th April 2024

In just 2 days, 1890 views of our newest property!

In just 2 days, we've received a staggering 1890 views on our newest property for sale – and that's just the beginning.

At Our Agents, Our motto is simple: "Our Agents, we do things differently – and how they should be done!" But what sets us apart? Our exceptional service speaks for itself with nothing but 5-star reviews! 

We consistently achieve selling prices far beyond what other high street estate agents value properties for. How do we do it? Through our strategic marketing and advertising, we create buzz and activity that goes beyond just putting your property on Rightmove and waiting for the phone to ring. We actively mass and target market your property.

Our deliberate approach is the key to our success. By deliberately limiting our inventory, each property gets the undivided attention it deserves, standing out in the competitive market.

Take a look at the Rightmove stats for our latest property! In just 2 days, we've received a staggering 1890 views – and that's just the beginning. Today alone, we've conducted 8 viewings with proceedable buyers, and we've got 5 more lined up for Monday!

If your current estate agent isn't delivering these kinds of results or if you're considering selling and want dedicated focus, buzz, and top prices, get in touch with us. Let's chat about how we can create bespoke marketing for your property and get you the highest price possible.

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**Please be aware that when you view statistics from estate agents online, many are enhanced by adjusting factors like date ranges, coverage areas, prices, number of bedrooms, or property styles. This manipulation is often done to position themselves as the market leader. Companies such as Rightmove ensure transparency by only allowing statistics to be advertised if the filters—such as dates, locations, and styles—are clearly visible to viewers. At Our Agents, we maintain consistently strong statistics without following these trends. In the visuals on our posts, you will notice there are no filters to adjust, showcasing our straightforward and honest approach.

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Need Conveyancing?

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