Posted: 16th January 2023

Speed Up Your House Sale By As Much As 4 Weeks With FREE Property Searches On Your Property.

Free Property Searches.
Once an offer is accepted for your property, it is time for the legal department to take over. On average, it takes between eight to twelve weeks to complete the process and move into your new home. During this time, many unforeseen situations may arise that may cause the sale to fall through.
One of the most frustrating hold-ups in the conveyancing/legal process is waiting for property searches to be returned. Especially for lengthy sales chains where delay after delay can build up.
That is why when you instruct us in the month of January, we can have the searches ordered upfront for your property at no extra cost to you at all. This helps us to reduce the transaction time for your property by as much as four weeks and eliminates the stress of waiting for property searches to be returned.
We are proud to be called a client-based Estate Agent as we focus on looking after our clients and ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.
If you're interested in our 5* service and want to experience a different approach than the traditional High Street Estate Agents, contact us today. Give us a call on 01670 613203, WhatsApp us on 07444723020, or click the link below for us to contact you.?
Need Conveyancing?

Need Conveyancing?

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How Much is Your Property Worth?

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