Posted: 21st October 2023

Beware the Highest Valuation Trap! A £30,000 Loss!

Beware the Highest Valuation Trap! A £30,000 Loss for this property owner – And It Could Still Be More! 
When it comes to selling your property, it's essential to choose an estate agent who truly understands the market and has your best interests at heart. Here's a real-life example of why going for the highest valuation can cost you dearly:
We are heartbroken for this client…
6months ago, we valued a property at offers over £525,000, a price well aligned with the market conditions at the time. Fast forward to today, a new estate agent that had just opened came in and gave the property a sky-high valuation of £580,000, which turned out to be unrealistic and merely a tactic to secure the listing.
The result? The property has been on the market for 6 months with several price reductions and is now listed at £495,000 – a whopping £30,000 less than what it could have sold for if priced correctly initially.
Choosing an estate agent with local expertise and the right marketing tools can make a world of difference. Don't be swayed by agents chasing listings or hitting targets. Choose an agent who values your investment and works to maximise your returns.
If you're selling or contemplating it, and you want your property to steal the spotlight, avoiding the dreaded stale-market syndrome, look no further – give us a shout! You’re home deserves the VIP treatment, and that's precisely what we deliver.
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